veneerA Veneer is a wafer thin shell which is custom made and designed to cover the front surface of the tooth (much like a false nail covers the finger nail).
Veneers are made from porcelain (or sometimes composite) which is shade matched to your natural teeth and bonded to the tooth’s surface with a very strong adhesive.
A veneer can be used to cover and protect damaged teeth, or can be purely for aesthetic purposes to give the teeth uniform shape and colour.
Preparation for veneers is minimal, the tooth will be prepared and an impression and shade match taken. You will return to the practice usually within seven to ten days for the fitting when the dentist will check you are happy with the look prior to bonding.

In addition, two types of materials have been chosen for the task in hand, namely a composite veneer and a porcelain veneer. The former can be placed directly into the upward area of the mouth, or in a dental laboratory with a reputable dental technician.