Dental Implant

Capped Dental Implant ModelDental implants are becoming a more popular option to replace missing teeth; they are affordable, permanently fixed and long lasting.
An implant is an artificial root which is placed into your jaw bone to hold one or more replacement teeth.
On your first visit the dentist will take study x-rays and talk to you about the procedure, aftercare and your expectations. If he feels your bone is strong and healthy enough to hold the implant he will confirm a date for the implant to be placed and ask you to sign a consent form.
The procedure is quite straight forward and painless carried out under local anaesthetic. As with an extraction you may feel some discomfort for a few days after the surgery but this will quickly subside. Once the implant has been placed, a temporary crown or healing cap will be fitted while the bone heals and bonds to the implant. Two to three months later you will return to the surgery to check on the implant and have moulds taken for your new tooth/teeth. A further appointment will be made (usually for the following week) to have the permanent crown, bridge or denture fitted. You will be given aftercare instructions and will be advised to return three months later for a hygiene visit so the dentist can ensure that you are caring for the implant/s correctly and give further instructions if necessary.