Root Canal

root-canal-pura dental care

Root canal treatment (or endodontics as it is sometimes called) is the procedure used to treat an infection at the centre of the tooth (in the canals of the tooth’s root).

The root of a tooth can become infected if you have tooth decay, a leaking filling, or trauma to the tooth. Left untreated the tooth will begin to cause pain and an abscess may form as the tooth begins to deteriorate and die.

The ultimate goal of root canal treatment is to keep the tissue around the tooth’s root healthy, despite the fact that the tooth’s nerve has undergone degenerative changes.
This is done by removing the bacteria from the tooth’s root canal system, once the bacteria has been removed the canals will be filled so the tooth remains solid and the tooth will be sealed with either a filling or crown.moved from the tooth and root canals by using special instruments. The canals are then cleaned, and then filled with a special material.

It is always recommended to make a crown for root canal treated tooth, to protect the remaining of the tooth substance.