Qualifying Criteria – Finance 4 Patients


Before completing a credit application form you should establish that the customer can satisfy
ALL of the following pre-check criteria:

Is 18 years of age or above.
Is, or their partner is, in permanent paid employment (over 16 hours per week), retired (receiving a pension), in receipt of a disability benefit or self employed.
Has been resident in the UK for at least 3 years and will continue their residency in the UK.
Has a debit or Credit card in their name and registered to their address for which to complete the ID Fraud Check.
Has Bank/Building Society current account details available to be able to complete the direct debit instruction.
You should only provide the treatment to the person named on the credit agreement or a family member.

Ask your dentist or one of our staff for further information about the calculation of %0 finance support.

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