Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

before-and-afterInvisible orthodontics has really been known since the late 1990's, and its popularity has grown since then. More and more techniques are being developed and created, the number of invisible treatment possibilities are constantly growing as well. Moreover it can be stated that all the different types of treatments can be made by one of the invisible appliances.

Different invisible techniques can be split into two groups. There are braces fixed in the inner (lingual) side of the teeth (in other words the lingual technique).

- Within the lingual technique there are several appliances and treatment philosophies used.

- Clear braces.

- STb braces

-  The other group of appliances are the different removable, convenient and invisible braces.

The most effective of the removable appliances is the Invisalign system. Smaller and medium movements can be made by the MTM technique and by the Clear Aligner