White Fillings

dental-fillingsd-pura dental care-avant grade-dentist in new elthamFor many years teeth were filled with a mixture of metals, (amalgam) including silver and mercury. Things have now moved on and more and more people are opting for composite (white) fillings.
Composite fillings are made from resins which the dentist will match to the natural colour of your teeth so that the filling (once completed) will be almost invisible. They provide an excellent seal on the affected area, look completely natural and are surprisingly affordable.
Composite fillings are considered preferable over amalgam as the material bonds directly to the tooth. With an amalgam filling more of the tooth has to be cut away as the tooth has to be shaped to hold the filling in place. Composite can also be repaired in many cases where amalgam would need complete replacement. Although composite fillings are a little more expensive they have many advantages over amalgam.